Body Awareness

"I was obsessed with perfect body balance and relaxation while playing since I was sixteen. Led with an idea of instrument beeing an extension of physical body I was drown to Taijiquan classes under martial arts Master Jasminko Miklec. My practise was continued in numerous masterclasses of Grand Master Chen Xiaowang and by individual tuiton of his son, Master Chen Jun in China. While touring for Grand Master Chen Xiaowang's classes, he provided opportunity to perform during the workshops in Switzerland, Ireland, Russia, Slovenia and many more. In this period of intensive practise of Taijiquan and simultaneous violin performing I started to notice the benefits of grounding on my sound. This was the root of The Sound Posture project."  Petromila Jakas

Except Taijiquan practise, due to develope better understanding of anatomy, Petromila completed Multi Style Yoga Teacher Training and received diploma exepted from international institution Yoga Allience in 2010. After return from China, she started to teach Chen Style Taijiquan for the Chen Xiaowang Taijiquan Assosiation Croatia, taught a workshop for dance company ZKM and encouraged by the colleges in Croatian Radiotelevision Symphony Orchesta started to teach Taijiquan musiciants from the ensemble. Since 2009 Petromila is taking part in European Union project Bisyoc, by teaching Taijiquan to participants and their tutors. Supported by Town Zagreb Inovative Arts, she starts a scientific research about connection of body functionality in Chen Taijiquan and playing violin, named The Sound Posture.

Darija Zokić, flutist of Croatian Radiotelevision Symphony Orchestra; photo by Mario Kociper

"...what really has drown me into practising Taijiquan is beauty and mental purity that performing of this martial art requiress.

In professional life, Taijiquan for me provided developement and satisfaction with fantastic feeling of relaxation and good centering in the body which is necessary for us musiciants, because of our daily duties with instrument.

Inside of me, performing the form, awakeness extreme sense of beauty. It is as if, with the sensible and gracefull movements, we put together parts of a symphony.

I practise slowly with visualisation and memory...trying to get continuess flow of thoughts, connection of spirit and body.

The art worthy to try..."

Stephen Altoft, trumphet player, tutor in Bisyoc Orchestra; photo by Donald Bousted

"Practising Taijiquan, Qi gong and Fang Sum has given me more confindence on stage and improved my playing.

The increased awareness of posture, being centred and breathing leads to a calmness: nerves are accepted and this enables difficult passages to be tackled in a relaxed manner. This in turn improves sound, as all tension can be heard in the sound.

I find holding the instrument for longer without extra tension has improved motoric function."

Marijana Vukovojac-Dugan, cello player in Croatian Radiotelevision Simphony Orchestra

"Practising Taijiquan helped me to get rid of the pain in the neck, shoulders and hands that were consequence of the old injury and many years of playing violoncello. Beside that I increased my relaxation while playing and completely overmastered vibrato."

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